Raphael Kabo



DocDown is a PhD-tested Markdown to Word document converter built into a friendly menu bar app, leveraging the power of Pandoc. Here’s a blog post I wrote about it. Electron

Orogene is a very simple static site generator. Rust

Mimir is a file-based Markdown wiki engine. It features versioning and revision history, authentication, auto-linking, backlinks, media uploads, and a nice in-browser Markdown editor. I use it to manage my D&D campaigns. Go

Charisma is an easily adaptable commenting system for static blogs, featuring a honeypot. See it in action on my RPG blog. Node.js


Screenshot of Solar Witch

Solar Witch is a solar-powered, hand-coded server running on an ESP32 microcontroller where you can leave ephemeral messages. (Sourcehut) C++ Python

The Wettest 100 is a voting site for the Wettest 100 alternative Australian music poll. Next.js Sanity

Sweet was an experimental, utopian social network. It featured directly democratic community management, inbuilt whisper network functionality, and an Android and iOS app. It ran from March 2019 to February 2022, and had over a thousand registered users. (GitHub). Node.js, React Native MongoDB

Gathio is an easier and quicker way to make and share events that respects your privacy and doesn’t keep your data longer than absolutely necessary. (GitHub). Node.js MongoDB

Pointers is a privacy-first link directory, designed for private or intimate links to share with trusted friends. It implements server-side encryption and, in the interest of future resilience, uses no client-side JavaScript. (GitHub) Node.js SQL

Screenshot of HelloEdit

HelloEdit is a Markdown editor disguised as a Macintosh Classic-era word processor. It is modelled on Macintosh System 7 and Microsoft Word 5.1. (GitHub). Node.js

Tiny Dungeon is a cute, minimalistic D&D combat tracker and dungeon map editor I made as a weekend Node.js project. (GitHub). Node.js


Loving Allness is a game of worlds for 1 to 4 players about creating meanings, telling stories, leaving things behind, and taking others with you. React Firebase

We Have the Square is a collaborative storytelling game inspired by occupation protest movements, asking players to think through the victories and challenges of creating an oppositional utopian community. React Firebase

Other blogs

Wondering Monster is my indie RPG, D&D and OSR homebrew blog.


Many years ago I made a webcomic called Noire with my friend Nate. It’s running in a fragile Docker container because it’s incompatible with the terrors of the New Internet, so if it’s gone down, give me a yell.

Hire me

I'm usually available for freelance web design and development as well as more esoteric projects in Javascript, Go, Python, and PHP. I'm particularly interested in projects with collective, communal, political, and utopian angles, and will be happy to help out gratis on projects by and for disabled people, people of colour, and queer folk. Send me an email.